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Time Machine Victorian Bookend

In 1959, movie producer George Pal, found himself wandering the cavernous halls of the MGM prop department in search of a chair which would serve as an important element in his classic film The Time Machine. He was delighted to discover a spectacular Victorian barber chair. With a few alterations, this hand carved wooden artwork from 1898, became the "saddle" for the time traveler as he ventured into the distant future to save the Eloy.  After a two year search, I discovered one of these very rare antique chairs in a shop in Sacramento. The backstory is that it was originally in the Rockefeller's private barber shop on their estate which by chance, is one mile from my studio in New York! This chair is now the "saddle" in my Time Machine sculpture. I create this bookend from an exquisitely detailed casting of the chair's beautiful hand carved figurative armrest. The casting is then faux finished by hand to compliment its base of mahogany. Interesting side note: The same type of chair was use the Charlie Chaplan classic, The Great Dictator

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